March 30th, 2012
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1383253_girlI know this will seem foreign to many of you but I want to focus on the premise that ‘no news is good news’ in regard to Kazakhstan adoption. As frustrating as the wait can be, no major information has been released involving issues of any kind. This is actually a plus at this point of the process because a lot of the legal stuff occurs behind closed doors and is only made public when an agreement has been fully reached and implemented OR an unresolved issue remains. Kazakhstan appears to be in neither of these ‘boats,’ if you will.

I do know that the Marriage and Family Act was put into place in Kazakhstan in January of 2011. This opened adoption under the Hague Convention to some countries- not the United States. At that point, there were more negotiations that needed to occur and changes to the current system. These required changes are often not things that are cheap and easy to implement. They require a complete overhaul of an adoption system nationwide. That is where the time and waiting occur. I stand by my previous blogs with the words, Hang in there. I have played the waiting game myself and know the heart wrenching it requires but there is nothing in our power to change. If you are interested in adoption from this country, it is a good time to contact a reputable adoption agency and make a tie. They will be able to keep you informed of changes in the program and point you in the direction of particulars that can help you in the adoption process. Continue reading about other people’s experiences and gleaning wisdom from them. That in itself will be worth the wait. Adoption does not come without its own form of struggle. There are many people who have walked the road and written their experiences- tap into that wealth of information. You will not regret it.


At this point, Kazakhstan is party to the Hague Convention but does not have an agreement in place with the United States of America.

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