October 31st, 2012
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933783_thinkingIt is amazing how many times that I have ‘checked up’ on the status of adoption from Kazakhstan and found no change. This is true for this morning as well. Kazakhstan remains in a holding pattern in regard to their adoption program. In August of this year, they closed their program and have not re-opened. This is very discouraging for those involved with adoption from this country because they did not get fully open and accepting of adoption applications in the United States before their close.

Kazakhstan is currently working toward being integrated fully in the Hague Convention. They must deal with the any issues that their adoption program has and meet the agreement that was laid out. This is a very time consuming process. It often calls for full restructuring of an adoption program. Kazakhstan has been working on this for some time and will remain doing so.


If you are interested in adopting from Kazakhstan, hang in there. It is only a matter of time until all of the kinks are worked out and the program returns stronger and better able to meet the needs of the adoptive community. Until that happens, consider researching the country, culture and children. This will help you to make an informed decision when adoption is an option. There are many sources of great information about adoption from this area. One of the best sources is the many people who have walked this journey before you. Another valid way to gain understanding about adoption from this country is to join one of the many online groups pertaining to Kazakhstan adoption. These groups are usually made up of former adoptive parents. These parents discuss the daily life issues that have surfaced regarding their adoption. Their insights will offer you the most information concerning the emotional and physical journey of adoption from this country.

At this point, Kazakhstan remains closed for adoptions. They are currently joining the Hague Convention and must fully meet their agreed upon statutes in order to re-open in the United States. When they re-open, their program should be strong and able to withstand the many issues that tend to surface when dealing with intercountry adoption. Kazakhstan should have many children available for adoption when their doors open. These children appear to fairly well cared for and live in orphanage type situations. They deserve the love of a forever family. Perhaps that family is yours?

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