June 27th, 2012
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1121033_moonI am sure that those of you who follow this particular blog have noticed how lax I have gotten in this area. I apologize profusely for that. I would offer you a list of excuses but don’t want to waste the space.

The sad thing is that nothing (that I can find) has changed since the beginning of May. That is when a notice cam out from the Central Authority stating that Hague Certification was almost complete and Kazakhstan was beginning to accept agencies seeking to represent. This is great news for those who have been waiting for this country to re-open. It seems that things move very slowly in this process so any news on that front is a plus. Having said that, there is no other news. Short of accepting agencies for adoption, the final work has not been complete.


In order for Kazakhstan adoption to re-open, both countries involved in the agreement must develop a plan. This plan often entails bringing the adoption program to a certain level in many areas. This is a costly and time consuming process that can take many years. When the Hague Convention is accepted that is often the first step in a long process of renovations.

Kazakhstan is probably well into those changes and then must meet with the country that it desires to re-open in and go over the modifications. If the changes made are acceptable to the country, another agreement is signed. This agreement allows for adoptions to resume. Kazakhstan is not to that point yet. They are working on agency support and acceptance. Then they will develop their adoption plan and sign with the countries that desire the relationship.

When Kazakhstan re-opens, there will be many children available for adoption. The children are housed in orphanage situations. For the most part, in the past, these orphanages have been fairly clean and well maintained. If you are interested in adoption from this country, it would be wise to research other people’s experiences. This will offer you a broad view of what goes into making an adoption like this occur. There are many blogs, books and groups that can offer support and information. The time spent researching their experiences can offer invaluable information to you.

At this point, Kazakhstan is not accepting adoption dossiers. They are not party to the Hague Convention fully but are currently fulfilling the requirements to do so.

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  1. canuckmom2b says:

    Hi Angie!

    We have just completed our home study and have built up a good relationship with our agency here in Canada, where we live. Im not sure if you know but Kaz has opened up adoptions and agencies are already getting accredited. Ours got its accreditation the 1st week of July and has also recvd th ego ahead from the ministry here in Ontario to start submitting home studies.
    Is there any hurdle that you were talking about that also needs to be crossed or is this what you were waiting for?
    We are hoping to adopt a child 6mnths to 24mnths old.

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