November 19th, 2011
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1025343_learn_srb_3The adoption program in Kazakhstan continues to be on hold awaiting its Hague Convention status. This process seems to drag on and on. Yet, other countries who were working toward the same status are re-opening. They have to finish all of the qualification paperwork and are anticipating the restart of the adoptions under the Hague Convention. For that reason, it is obvious that Kazakhstan will get there. I know that waiting for that to occur can get frustrating and long though.

If you are awaiting the ‘good news,” consider researching all information regarding this country, its adoption program and others who have completed adoptions prior to its re-opening. There are many people who have been through the process and come out on the other end. It would be worth your time to hear what they have to say. Agencies are going to be scrambling to bring themselves in compliance with the new ‘code.’ Each one must be approved by the Kazakhstan government. This is not an easy process and may take awhile to complete. They may not have any more information to share than what I have. If you contact one, they are not allowed to offer adoption services from this area. They can discuss with you a timeframe for re-opening but cannot offer exact promises.


I continue to monitor the status of this country. When they re-open, they have beautiful children available. The Hague status that they are acquiring will only serve to strengthen the care and consideration that the children are given within the time they are orphans in this country. It will also protect against fraud and malpractice. Hague also helps the legal process to move smoothly for prospective parents. I am excited to see a change for this country and am looking forward to being able to say the words, “Kazakhstan is open.”

At this point, Kazakhstan is open for adoption in some countries (not the United States.) They are working through the Hague Certification Process. When both countries come to an agreement- they will re-open to American adoptions.

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