February 1st, 2007
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Well, all that hard work and preparation paid off – this past Saturday, Jordan and Rebecca exchanged their vows! It was a very special evening and although we had a few “mishaps” – all in all – it went very nicely and most importantly – everyone seemed to enjoy the night. Lots of laughter and fun.

Below is the final toast that I was able to do at their wedding:

Dear family & friends,

I’d like to welcome all of you and say thanks for sharing in this special night with all of us. Many of you know me – some of you don’t – my name is Cyndi and I am Becca’s mom. Hopefully I can get through this toast without crying or passing out! Public speaking is NOT my strong suit!


Jordan – welcome to our warm, loving, kooky, crazy family – we look forward to spending many wonderful years with you as part of our lives. You have amazed me with your quiet strength and I love watching you with Cali – you’re a wonderful loving father to her.

Becca – I welcome you to the world of marriage – it will take hard work (all good marriages do) but it is so well worth it. I wish you and Jordan many years of health and happiness together.

Jordan – I hope you embrace Becca for all that she is. It seems impossible to me that I stand here today – wasn’t it only yesterday that I was trick or treating with her for the first time and realized – this is a “social” engagement for her – it wasn’t about the candy going in the bag – it was an opportunity to be at someone’s door and get to know them. We may have only collected 5 pieces of candy that evening – but Becca made 5 new friends and by golly – if she and they didn’t wave or stop to talk for many years to come– the “treats” we received that night lasted far longer than any candy the other children received that Halloween night.

Some of my other favorite Becca memories (as you’ll notice – I’ll be skipping those rebellious teen years – I have the gray hair to “talk” for those – along with the cutest granddaughter in the whole wide world). ;)

I remember the time the school called and a lump formed in my throat – waiting to hear what she did “wrong” – only to hear a woman PRAISE my daughter for being the ONLY child in the history of her helping with Santa at the school (over 10 years) – to EVER give Santa a gift and she said – Becca told Santa – it wasn’t fair – he worked so hard and deserved a gift too.

And if you have the pleasure of knowing Becca – you know her passion for animals and elderly people – when she was just 9 years old — she made signs to save the animals at our condo when they were spraying insecticides – because she was afraid the animals would die! Also from the time she was five — I can’t tell you how many times I tried to explain that an elderly person would NEVER get in our car – even if it was rainy or storming (but it just broke her heart to see an elderly person walking – let alone them being in the rain or snow!).

Today she still has that zest for life and big dreams that most of us squelch within our selves and ‘settle’ – Becca honey – keep dreaming and reaching for those stars – and one day – I hope you catch one!

And Cali – keep those big smiles coming for Grammy because each and every time – they melt my heart.

9 Responses to “Love Thursday – Mr. & Mrs.”

  1. What a beautiful picture and toast.

    Happy Love Thursday!

  2. jenanddave says:

    Congrats Becca! You look Beautiful! I just got married last October….things are great. Thanks for sending that Cyndi.


  3. Tibor_Germany says:

    Congratulations Becca and best wishes to you both for your future happiness!

    I´m curios if you still remember me…:-)

    All the best to the other family members as well …

    with love from the other side of the world

  4. Cyndi says:

    Thank you Jen :) My pleasure – I always enjoy sharing!

  5. Cyndi says:

    Hi Tibor,

    Thank you very much! :)

    Definitely still remember you. :)


  6. 1999kazmom says:

    Becca is a beautiful bride. Tell her that we wish her all the best for a wonderful, adventurous future.

    The Cleggs in Texas

  7. Cyndi says:

    Thank you! :) It is so funny – the other day she worried because I hadn’t called in a few days and she wanted to know that I was “alright” – I had called – but didn’t leave any messages – I knew they were moving and didn’t want to “bother” them. ;) But to have her worry about me – just so “strange”!

  8. Laura8603 says:

    Congrats to Becca, Jordan, and Cali!! What a beautiful couple they are. I wish all of you many years of happiness!!


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