November 9th, 2006
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Cali and Max

I’ve written many blogs about my daughter Becca and have given a brief “overview” of the bumps along the road with her as a teen. I really should put a picture of my earned gray hair here – but instead – I give you my LOVE THURSDAY picture.

This picture is from this weekend when Becca, Jordan and Cali came to visit. Cali is my grand-daughter and is in the picture with Uncle Max – her smile makes my heart melt!

Cali brought the daughter I know and love “back” to me. I spent a week at their apartment after Cali was born and Becca told me over and over – how sorry she was for everything – how she “gets it” – how she never wants Cali to be hurt or anyone to hurt her. She dreams of college for her, etc, etc. I told her that week – that some of us learn by “hearing” while others of us learn by “doing” and I hope she learned and grew from her choices. I tell her to not let ANYONE’s judgement about her choices bring her down — I see first hand the look of “poor you” when I mention that I have a grand-daughter to some people – like it is the WORST thing in the world for a young girl to have a baby before marriage. It amazes me how far we’ve come as a society – but yet how “backwards” some people think! I know financially that they will struggle – but Becca and Jordan are committed to Cali and they love her BEYOND all measures. In a perfect world – I would of had a child who enjoyed school, did well in it, listened to my rules and advice, went on to college, fell in love, married and had a family. But nothing in life has ever been perfect and I’ll accept the bumps along the road to be blessed with this beautiful little girl — who melts my heart with her toothless grin.


Happy Birthday Becca! :)

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  1. ashley_kaz says:

    What a lovely photo to have. Max & Cali look so cute ! Happy Birthday to Becca :)

  2. Cyndi says:

    Thank you! She was so excited to go for her birthday dinner last night – she ate a WHOLE lobster and “looked” for more! ;-) Max enjoys being an Uncle – but says “it is a lot of work”. ;-) :)

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