October 14th, 2011
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1281812_businessman_holding_crystal_globeAs with the rest of you, I continue to watch Kazakhstan adoption knowing that there will be a change in their adoption status. Unfortunately, that change has not occurred. The last published information showed that Kazakhstan, though party to the Hague Convention, was not fully certified and would continue to work toward becoming a valid adoption partner with the United States.

Kazakhstan has had a long-standing adoption relationship with the United States completing over 840 adoptions in 2003. That has fallen to 181 in 2010. It would come as no surprise to see the adoption relationship rebound with this country and the higher numbers begin to surface again. This will take time to rebuild though.  Kazakhstan has been processing their adoption requirements for a fairly large number of months and does not seem to be making any headway. The most difficult part of watching and waiting is that a ‘watched pot never boils.’ It appears that nothing is occurring but we are not privy to the in house consultations, meetings and paperwork. We do not see the official side of things- only the part released to the public.


Kazakhstan continues to work toward the desired agreement. I have stated before that in order for Hague Convention status to reached between two countries, both must agree on all levels. This is not an easy thing to accomplish since living expectations, quality of living conditions and understanding of situations often tend to be different.

Do not give up on this country. I believe that one day an announcement will be made and they will re-open their adoption program. This announcement will very likely come soon. The children that are available for adoption from Kazakhstan are in need of help. They are orphaned or abandoned out of the quiet desperation that exists in their country. A difference can be made in the lives of these children. If you are interested in adopting from Kazakhstan, research your options. Talk with reputable professionals about their expected time frame for re-opening. They may be able to offer you a better idea of when you can proceed. At this point, adoptions that were pending before Kazakhstan began Hague Certification, are still being processed. There is lengthy country visit for bonding purposes that is required.

Kazakhstan continues to work on re-establishing their adoption relationship with the United States. At this point, they are Hague Convention Certified but not with the US. I will continue to monitor the circumstances and let you know about changes when they occur.


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