May 19th, 2006
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Today I stumbled on a terrific site to learn about children’s games around the world. It is called Children Folklore and it includes links to game instructions from many different countries. I was please to see some games from Kazakhstan were included!

I need to do a better job about printing off things like this and starting a Kazakhstan culture notebook. We do have several Kazakhstan cookbooks, as well as some music, dolls, art, etc., but since my son just turned two, now would be a really fun time to start him with some Kazakh games and songs. I do have him running around the house yelling, “I born in Kazzz-ah-stannnnn!!!”


The coolest thing about this website is that the games are coming directly from schoolteachers in Kazakhstan! It looks like Teplov Fiodor and Rasulov Shavkat of
“G. S. Titov” Grammar School 20 in Chimkent, Kazakhstan wrote down most of the Kazakhstan games. Their email is on the site if you want to contact them. How neat!

Here are a few highlights from the children’s games in case you are too busy to visit the site:

A Throwing of Rings: just what it says. Kids throw rings of various sizes on sticks. The site says the first two are practice and the third one counts. Kind of like our horseshoes.

Birds and Hutch: I love this one. Draw a large circle that everyone in the group can fit in. Then start some music, and let the leader start by leaving the circle, standing in front of another person, bowing, and inviting them to come dance around the circle. Then the second person invites someone in the same manner until everyone is out of the circling, dancing around the circle. The teacher blows the whistle and the last person back in the circle loses and is it for the next go round. I can’t wait to try this one at our family reunion next weekend.

Have fun everyone!

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