September 29th, 2012
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933783_thinkingIt is so disheartening to see this country’s adoption program continue to slide backward. In the span of eight years, adoption from Kazakhstan has dropped from 835 completed adoptions to 86 last year. For those who are interested in adoption from this country, it does not seem to be moving in the right direction. Yet, Kazakhstan is working to join the Hague Convention. When they have completed the necessary steps to make this happen, Kazakhstan has the potential to be a major adoption partner for the United States again. Unfortunately, all of the kinks that come along with the changes made must be worked out in order to ensure that the adoption road will be smooth. That is where we are right now- in the waiting portion of the adoption process. It often seems as though adoption and waiting go hand in hand. I am not certain why that has to be the case.


If you are waiting and watching outside of the Kazakhstan adoption program take heart. There will be definite changes in the near future. The suspension that has stopped adoption from this country will eventually be lifted and adoptions will resume. Until that is the reality, consider researching the country and its people. This will help you as when you begin your own adoption journey. There are many adoption blogs and websites of people who have adopted children from this country. It would be a great asset to your adoption to read about their experiences and learn as much as possible. There is no better teacher than experience.

Kazakhstan offers a number of children who need a forever family. The need is so great. Do not give up on the heart of these children. I will continue to monitor the adoption situation of this country. Kazakhstan is party to the Hague Convention but does not have an acting relationship with the United States.

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