September 29th, 2011
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1276336_heres_your_change_1I do not know about the rest of you but I wait (impatiently at best) for news that Kazakhstan adoption has re-opened. This has not occurred yet and seems not to be on the horizon. Kazakhstan is currently closed in order to facilitate its Hague Convention partnership status with the United States. While it does not appear that anything is happening- I believe that it is.

In a world where there are presently [approximately] 153 million orphans, protection of children and adoption programs should be applauded. That is what the Hague Convention offers. It is a way that all countries involved in a adoption relationship can have a say in the care and keeping of the children who are orphaned and looking for homes. It may seem like it takes a long time with no results but the truth is that every day new contracts are being developed and agreements are reached.


Kazakhstan is one of many countries who are in the process of completing Hague Certification regulations. When it re-opens, the adoption program should be strong and viable- making it a positive option for waiting parents.

If you are waiting for this country to re-open, be sure to research your options. Staying informed will be a benefit that will only help you when the time is right. There are many ways to get involved with international adoption. The Joint Council is currently hosting a focus program called Change for Children. They are calling for all families this October to invest their change toward changing the life of an orphan. Check out their website. They have some great ideas for getting involved and making a difference. As Kazakhstan works toward re-opening their program, those of you who are waiting can be making a difference through fundraising, raising awareness and investing in the lives of others. There is so much that can be done. Do not hesitate to get involved it will make the time pass swiftly and do a lot for your heart.

If you are interested in adoption from Kazakhstan find a reputable agency to stay in contact with. They will be able to offer you timely information and guidance. They will be the first to know when changes occur. I will be the second- only after they tell me.

At this point, Kazakhstan is Hague Convention certified but has no agreement with the United States. They are working on rectifying that at this point.

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