January 31st, 2012
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616726_handshakeThere is so much to write about in regard to the Kazakhstan adoption program. In January, the officials of this country released two notices. The first notice dealt predominately with the New Family and Marriage Code that was signed into law on December 26, 2011. The president of Kazakhstan signed the law and moved it to the governmental houses for approval. The majority of this law deals with the new policies that are being enacted to accredit agencies and process adoptions under the Hague Convention requirements.

This is a great advancement for Kazakhstan as it is an indicator of the adoption program’s moving forward in its desire to be Hague Certified and re-open its program. All of the requirements for agencies and prospective adoptive parents will be explained in detail as information becomes available.


The second notice received out of Kazakhstan this month states that “…all pending adoption dossiers that were not matched with children by December 15, 2010, will be returned and will have to be refiled as Hague Convention cases once the Hague Convention is fully implemented.”

This is a real blow to many of the people who have been waiting for a referral from this country. There are many steps required in order to re-file under Hague Convention statutes. The notice went one to read, “…Affected prospective adoptive parents with an approved I-600A for Kazakhstan wishing to request a transfer of their approved Form I-600A to enable them to adopt from another non-Hague country should refer to the USCIS website.”

It appears to me that USCIS is offering the families who have completed the adoption process up until Kazakhstan closed the chance to use their completed information in another country’s adoption program. I have no idea who difficult this would be to do but assume that your adoption agency could point those of you who are interested in the right direction.

The good news in all of this is that prospective parents desiring children from Kazakhstan are finally going to get the chance. When Kazakhstan re-opens their program it should be stronger and able to process cases with swiftness and accuracy. This has come with a price- those of you who applied and were not processed before the cut-off can attest to that.

Kazakhstan has many children available for adoption. They will be re-opening in the near future and will be accepting applications for their adoption program as well. At this point, this country remains closed and are seeking Hague Convention status.

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  1. mommytobe2 says:

    New rules with Hague are complicated and will be tough. Most agencies will have to have been working in Kaz for 10+ years to keep their licence to work there. Beautiful country , beautiful kids. I hope it things start moving along….

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