Watching Kazakhstan Adoption

May 30th, 2011

1044246_watch_outThe last movement in relation to adoption from the country of Kazakhstan appears to have been in January 2011. The only information I have located on that activity was that at the point, Kazakhstan planned to match dossiers of families already in the program. Unfortunately, I cannot locate whether this has occurred. Kazakhstan continues to work toward re-opening their adoption relationship by creating an agreement that is acceptable to its adoption partners. This is an arduous process that can seem as though it is not moving in any direction, much less forward. When the agreement is in place and approved, the long-standing adoption relationship will continue and the prospective adoption parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The waiting game is the hardest… [more]

Research Today, Re-Opening Soon?

February 8th, 2011

1207951_woman_reading_at_homeAs we wait for Kazakhstan adoption status to re-open, I have done a little research. I love to research so this was not a difficult thing. It is almost like talking for me and I am good at that for sure. I find that with research understanding grows and the ability to process things is enhanced. This is what I found for you. The children that I read about who were adopted from Kazakhstan are beautiful. The pictures that I found show children with a wide-eyed Asian look . Their coloring resembles that Asian skin tones. There are also children of Russian descent available. Their coloring is more of a Caucasion skin tone. I also found out that people are still traveling to Kazakhstan right now… [more]

Siblings of our children

January 17th, 2007
Categories: Searching

This morning our world changed a little, I opened a very nice and warming email from a woman who may have adopted a sibling of one of our children. To protect this person’s identity and my children – I will not say which child or what city the adoption took place in. This person learned through our local adoption coordinator that the birth mother’s last name matched our son’s birth mother’s last name. We are currently exchanging information to determine if this is in fact the same birth mother or not. I knew with my daughter’s adoption that her half brother was placed in the children’s home shortly after our adoption of her. It broke my heart to not be able to return (financially and without the support of… [more]

Searching for Birth Family in Kazakhstan

December 30th, 2006
Categories: Searching

Searching Some times I think certain “adoption related topics” are considered taboo in the adoption community. Searching in Kazakhstan is definitely one of those “hot” buttons. You’ll have adoptive parents who are told by their adoption agency that searching is “illegal” – while there is a bit a truth in that – if you decide to explore and have the marriage and family law translated – you’ll find it illegal for the birth family, prosecutor or judge to inquire or pursue information about the adoptive family or children after an adoption is complete; while the children and adoptive families are not barred from that requirement. I’m not here to argue if that is fair or not fair – I’m here to… [more]