Change is on the Horizon for Kazakhstan Adoption

April 22nd, 2011

498792_morning"Recognizing that the child...should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding."  Hague Adoption Convention, Preamble I began this post with a portion of the text from the Hague Preamble to remind those of us who are waiting for news from this country exactly why we are waiting. Waiting is difficult and sometimes does not make sense. We cannot see all of the facets that are happening behind closed doors and are thus left with part of a story and an inadequate understanding. Kazakhstan adoption has been suspended from receiving new dossiers since May 2010. It has been working on joining the Hague Convention in order to better regulate its adoption program and thus provide a better… [more]

Kazakhstan Adoption Status Remains ‘Suspended’

March 4th, 2011

1150903_drawing_on_the_floorI was hoping to have new information to report in regard to Kazakhstan adoptions but unfortunately that is not the case. As of right now, Kazakhstan adoption is suspended awaiting Hague Convention status. This was slated to occur in March 2011 at the earliest. As it is early in the month, I am hoping that a positive report will still surface later. The last report that I have been able to locate is dated back to October 2010. This is the initial report that I referred to stating the approximate re-open date. The children who have been previously in need of adoption from this area range from infants to school-aged children. There have been many special needs children available as well. Hopefully when this country… [more]

Research Today, Re-Opening Soon?

February 8th, 2011

1207951_woman_reading_at_homeAs we wait for Kazakhstan adoption status to re-open, I have done a little research. I love to research so this was not a difficult thing. It is almost like talking for me and I am good at that for sure. I find that with research understanding grows and the ability to process things is enhanced. This is what I found for you. The children that I read about who were adopted from Kazakhstan are beautiful. The pictures that I found show children with a wide-eyed Asian look . Their coloring resembles that Asian skin tones. There are also children of Russian descent available. Their coloring is more of a Caucasion skin tone. I also found out that people are still traveling to Kazakhstan right now… [more]

Love Thursday – My Three Children

February 15th, 2007
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My Three Kids Today - I share with you - my most treasured gifts - my three children. This is a picture of Becca, Max and Logan before the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately we had to hide out in the "back room" as we waited for guests to arrive and keep Becca hidden from Jordan. ;-) Logan wouldn't take many pictures through out the night - so I'm happy he agreed to take a few pictures before the evening started. I'm looking forward to adding the picture to my desk at work - it has been awhile since I've had a nice picture of the three of them together. Having a grown daughter along with raising two younger… [more]

Love Thursday – Mr. & Mrs.

February 1st, 2007
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Wedding Well, all that hard work and preparation paid off - this past Saturday, Jordan and Rebecca exchanged their vows! It was a very special evening and although we had a few "mishaps" - all in all - it went very nicely and most importantly - everyone seemed to enjoy the night. Lots of laughter and fun. Below is the final toast that I was able to do at their wedding: Dear family & friends, I’d like to welcome all of you and say thanks for sharing in this special night with all of us. Many of you know me – some of you don’t – my name is Cyndi and I am Becca’s mom. Hopefully I can get through this… [more]

Love Thursday – Max and Grandma & Pa-Pa

January 25th, 2007
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birthday Here I have a very recent, hot off the presses, picture of our son, Max and his grandma and Pa-Pa. We were very proud of him at his birthday party on Sunday, as he opened and READ his birthday cards - he was gracious enough to thank his family all on his own. We were especially proud that he READ - we had truly worried when school first started that we would have another child struggle tremendously with reading. It has been amazing how far he has come since the beginning of 1st Grade - he truly has a wonderful teacher and a well run reading program and for that we are thankful. Anyway - back to opening the… [more]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

December 21st, 2006
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Our Hanukah and Christmas cards are officially reaching members of our family and friends all over the world! Just thought I'd share the picture we cropped of our two cuties to warm the hearts of family and friends...... Max and Logan Logan (Taraz) is in the yellow and Max (Semey) is in the white. This is the day they were helping daddy with moving some bedding around in the guest room - they were laying down on the job. :)…

Love Thursdays

December 14th, 2006
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Haircuts One of my favorites! It takes me back from our current -- cold and snowy days - to a fun time in summer - the boys had just had their haircuts and daddy snapped this picture of them on the back of his pick up truck! It also "gently" reminds me that I am the only "girl" left in a "boys" world at our house - as they find bodily functions are roll on the floor laugh material. It cracked me up after a rather "gasous" night with Max as he proudly "fanned" the smell into the air to my protest - that he informed me that I was all about "loving and kissing". So the guys ganged up on… [more]

Logan – Love Thursday

December 7th, 2006
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Sometimes it is helpful to look at pictures when you get "frustrated" with things going on in life. Logan has been a very difficult potty training "sell" and I try to just take a deep breath and know that one day it will be mere memory. So today my Love Thursday is dedicated to Logan - my baby.... Dancing Logan This picture is from one of our visits at the baby house - it brings joy and happiness to my heart. Logan was 10 months old when we met him and arrived home one day before his first birthday. Logan would love to dance and laugh - but if I joined in on the laughter - he would stop to… [more]

Love Thursday – Cali-Lynne Hope

November 9th, 2006
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Cali and Max I've written many blogs about my daughter Becca and have given a brief "overview" of the bumps along the road with her as a teen. I really should put a picture of my earned gray hair here - but instead - I give you my LOVE THURSDAY picture. This picture is from this weekend when Becca, Jordan and Cali came to visit. Cali is my grand-daughter and is in the picture with Uncle Max - her smile makes my heart melt! Cali brought the daughter I know and love "back" to me. I spent a week at their apartment after Cali was born and Becca told me over and over - how sorry… [more]