My ‘glorious nation of Kazakhstan’

November 10th, 2006
Categories: Borat

I read this article this morning from Gauhar Abdygaliyeva and found it an interesting read. With BORAT in the news so much - I thought comments from someone who knows and loves Kazakhstan should be in order...... My 'glorious nation of Kazakhstan' By GAUHAR ABDYGALIYEVA I'm a Muslim Kazakh woman who arrived in the United States two months ago to work on my master's in public administration. Almost every time I meet people and tell them where I come from, they ask me about the "Kazakh journalist" Borat, "the sixth most famous man" in Kazakhstan. I answer that Borat is a satirical fictional character who has nothing in common with Kazakhstan or its people. Many of my new American friends find Borat's adventures in "US and A" hilarious and his remarks about… [more]

BORAT the movie

November 5th, 2006
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Borat The movie BORAT has hit the local movie theatres but has also “hit” the adoptive community by storm. And it is not so much the movie but the ignorance of the people having interviews about the movie or speaking about adoption from Kazakhstan. An article in the Boston Herald has been circulating the various adoption boards: in support of adoption from Kazakhstan. While I know most children have NOT nor will ever see the movie, they are exposed to the various “talks” that are being done on VH1 and interviews around the country and these are affecting our children. The VH1 talk saying Kazakhstan is a country you’d NEVER want to adopt from upsets me the most! How a… [more]