Happy Kazakh New Year!

March 22nd, 2007
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Taraz Larry & I were very lucky to have participated in Nauryz - during Logan's adoption. We have very fond memories of the women and young ladies all in dance attire - performing traditional Kazakh dance. We also went from yurt to yurt to celebrate - we even ate horse. :) That week we were able to go to the races to see the horses race - another Kazakh tradition. Please remember that you may be able to find local resources to celebrate: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/creees/content/events/PDF/072/nauryz.pdf http://kazakhstan.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/aul-s-nauryz-2007-in-metro-boston http://kazakhstan.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/navruz-festival-saturday-march-24th-indi Since I can't explain it as well - I thought I'd find a good source to do so: Source for this blog: http://www.president.kz/ NAURYZ - a holiday of spring… [more]

Kazakh New Year – March 21st

February 10th, 2007
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Larry and I were lucky enough to experience Navruz first hand during our younger son’s adoption in 2004. We truly had a wonderful time – seeing the dancing in the street, street performers, hot air balloon and yurts set up all around the city square and also along the park in Taraz. We also attended a national horse racing competition, which has become part of the New Year celebration. Did you know that this spring “New Year” holiday has been celebrated for more than 2,500 years? It is know by the following spellings – Noruz, Nowruz, Nowroos and Nawruz. It originated in Persia and is associated with the ancient Zoroastrian religion. Navrus means “new day” in Farsi. Today, Navrus is celebrated each year on March… [more]

Navruz Festival – Saturday, March 24th – Indiana University

February 4th, 2007

Navruz The IU Navruz Student Association invites you to the Annual Celebration of Navruz, the New Year Holiday for many of the peoples of Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asia (Kazakhstan), the Caucasus and Turkey. This year's Navruz Festival will be on Saturday, March 24, 2007 from 2PM - 7PM on IU's main Bloomington, Indiana Campus in the Wilkie Auditorium, 150 North Rose Avenue (off of E. 3rd Street). Following the program, "a taste of Central Asia" will be served in Forest dining hall. The IU Navruz Festival has three components: contemporary and traditional cultural performances, a sampling of the food from the various countries and regions and cultural displays. Admission is free and the public is invited to attend. Also this year, on March 5th… [more]


October 28th, 2006
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During Logan's adoption we were able to experience Nauryz first hand - we LOVED it and framed the picture of Larry and I in full Kazakh attire - that was shared with us during our "stroll" from yurt to yurt. Nauryz I also know for my children's scrapbooks - I was hungry for information about the traditions and holidays - I found this in my "archives" - the link no longer works - it was from a expat's site. I think you'll find it well worth the time to read..... Kazakhstan's official public holidays always mean a day off from work. For all holidays, a universal greeting is "S prazdnikom!" (happy holiday!). Locals are also inclined to assimilate some western holidays… [more]