Hate the Wait

February 19th, 2007

Logan and I were at a Valentine’s Day brunch yesterday with families who have adopted from Kazakhstan. We went through various updates and it was funny how far “down” I had suppressed the memories of the wait – until I sat around that table listening to how difficult those times were. I guess life takes over and you forget how much you just wanted to be there and be back to start life as a family. Lauri wrote about how to survive the wait on the Kazakhstan Adoption Blog in February of last year: http://kazakhstan.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/how-to-survive-the-wait Fellow blogger Faith Allen (Hoping to Adopt Blog) has a complete series dedicated to just this topic: http://hoping.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/surviving-the-wait-top-ten-list Top Ten Ways to Survive the Wait 1. Learn how to “be” 2. Take care of your body 3. Volunteer 4. Participate in hobbies 5. Grieve… [more]

General Kazakhstan Adoption Guidelines

February 8th, 2007
Categories: Ready to Adopt

As we all know, international adoption in most countries is forever changing! The biggest changes from when we started to now – the guidelines are becoming stricter – family size, family status (divorce, single) are taken in to consideration, even DUI convictions from college are excluding families from adopting. I went on the two agency sites and read the following guidelines: Maximum age for adoptive parents is between 50 and 55 – depending on what agency you are using. One agency doesn’t state any special requirement for single parent homes, while the other states that they are allowed to adopt one child of either gender. Both say two trips – while one offers an escort service – in lieu of the parents returning – the other agency says both parents must return… [more]

Adoption Journey “Bumps”

February 2nd, 2007
Categories: Ready to Adopt

When is “enough is enough”? Question Mark I read with interest an on going discussion on one of my groups about when enough is enough. An adoptive family had a failed Kazakhstan adoption and was delayed in the process during a second attempt to adopt; while a prosecutor explored legal requirements. The heart break (understandable so) was overwhelming for this family and she wondered if this was a “sign” that they shouldn’t adopt, wondered if they should start infertility treatment again or just accept that they should remain childless. I think many adoptive families have a moment in their journey like this…… During our final and third international adoption – we questioned why things did not go smoothly – USCIS took many… [more]

Ready to Adopt?

December 9th, 2006
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Hands One of my very dear friends has secondary infertility – I often wanted to beg through the years that they pursue adoption and end the heartache that they were experiencing – but wise enough to know that everyone’s heart has to be in the right place to pursue adoption. I am BEYOND excited as they reach their final paperwork steps in their open domestic adoption and look SO FORWARD to share in their joy with their new little one – secretly hoping that it happens quickly for them – but knowing it will all fall in to place at the “right” time – when their child is ready for them. But have you ever wondered if you are ready to adopt? I… [more]