Adoption Notices

January 31st, 2012

616726_handshakeThere is so much to write about in regard to the Kazakhstan adoption program. In January, the officials of this country released two notices. The first notice dealt predominately with the New Family and Marriage Code that was signed into law on December 26, 2011. The president of Kazakhstan signed the law and moved it to the governmental houses for approval. The majority of this law deals with the new policies that are being enacted to accredit agencies and process adoptions under the Hague Convention requirements. This is a great advancement for Kazakhstan as it is an indicator of the adoption program's moving forward in its desire to be Hague Certified and re-open its program. All of the requirements for agencies and prospective… [more]

Kazakhstan Holding

October 14th, 2011

1281812_businessman_holding_crystal_globeAs with the rest of you, I continue to watch Kazakhstan adoption knowing that there will be a change in their adoption status. Unfortunately, that change has not occurred. The last published information showed that Kazakhstan, though party to the Hague Convention, was not fully certified and would continue to work toward becoming a valid adoption partner with the United States. Kazakhstan has had a long-standing adoption relationship with the United States completing over 840 adoptions in 2003. That has fallen to 181 in 2010. It would come as no surprise to see the adoption relationship rebound with this country and the higher numbers begin to surface again. This will take time to rebuild though.  Kazakhstan has been processing their adoption requirements for a fairly large number… [more]


November 18th, 2006
Categories: USCIS

Trust me - once you are on the adoption journey awhile - you'll start understanding all the abbreviations and "lingo" that goes along with adoption. You'll also get used to the "amount" of paperwork that becomes part of your life during your adoption journey. I have heard that some agencies are requiring adoptive families to now use "dossier" services - which may be an option - but also an added expense I'm sure. One of the very first forms that you will have to complete once you decided to adopt internationally is the I-600A. As my husband likes to tease - he was happy to "let me" take care of the paperwork. If you are working with an adoption agency at this point - they should be… [more]