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July 13th, 2011

1188750_seats_pleaseI wish with all of my heart that I had a real update for you regarding Kazakhstan adoption. I do not. I have been off for the last six weeks do to injury and really hoped that the delay would allow time for this country to have done some activity to report. It has not. I have been discussing adoption from Kazakhstan with a Spanish couple who had their dossier returned to Spain do to the changes and updates. Check out our discussion under the comments from Continue to Watch Kazakhstan. One of the comments they made was that a new bill passed part of the legal requirements on June, 2011. I have not been able to locate whether the other half of… [more]


December 2nd, 2006
Categories: Dossier

Dossier The dossier documents are a HUGE step and undertaking for your adoption. I may be a little weird or maybe just a little blessed that it has always happened easily for us. I guess the plus side of never leaving “home” – we had easy access to all our documents. Your agency should be a big help with this – giving you a list of needed items – some even have in house staff to do the work for you (for an added expense). There are also available services to hire to prepare your dossier if you like to – the Assistant Stork has a link to dossier service providers http://www.asststork.com/ I felt it comforting to have “control”… [more]