Happy Birthday Max

January 22nd, 2007

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Max Happy Birthday to you And MANY more!!!! Today our little guy turns 7 – it seems like in a blink of an eye and he is a little boy and not a baby anymore. It was around 6 years ago – that I ventured into my husband’s office and asked him to look at the children on Tedi Bear Adoptions’ waiting children photo listing. Out of the children – our hearts were both led to our son. It was a whirlwind of changing our paperwork and completing another dossier (we were paper ready for Ukraine). It is that magic moment that we were blessed beyond belief with Max he captured our hearts! Through the years – I’ve learned that most… [more]

Semey, Kazakhstan

October 25th, 2006

As you read my previous blog about Albania – did you wonder why I’m writing for a Kazakhstan adoption blog? ;-) That would lead me to the adoption journey to of our second child – Max – again I went through a few years of infertility treatments – my husband’s heart had to be in the right place for adoption and he wondered after Max’s adoption – why he had waited and I still think – we waited because “Max” wasn’t born and he was our child and life circumstance brought us to him. Being “savvy” in international adoption – we had filed for independent adoption through Ukraine and were paper ready. But life again had another path for us to follow and we were guided through an… [more]