Potty Training Woes

December 4th, 2006

Potty Chair Logan turned 3 in April – as with Max – we didn’t “push” the potty training until he turned 3 – under the recommendation of our pediatrician – don’t try with boys until they are three. Max (who attended day care) trained in a week – I think the “peer pressure” was a huge help. We tried with Logan in April – but he really didn’t seem ready – so we took the when it happens, it happens approach and figured he wouldn’t be going to kindergarten not potty trained. Well last month we had his yearly exam and the pediatrician told us after age 3 – it is a behavioral issue and we truly should “try” for… [more]

Taraz, Kazakhstan – Our Journey to Logan

October 26th, 2006

As I mentioned at the end of Max’s blog – I wasn’t thrilled with Kazakhstan or its people. I think it was a combination of missing my daughter and having expectations to meet people I loved and enjoy the country like I did during Becca’s adoption. Although Larry was sold on Kazakhstan – I was not – so we researched and explored until we decided to adopt from Latvia. Our paperwork was in and we were just waiting on the ‘call’ and we would travel. As I’ve said in previous posts – I firmly believe we are led down certain paths and are joined with our children when the timing is right. During our wait – I was approached by the person who helped us at the… [more]