Hate the Wait

February 19th, 2007

Logan and I were at a Valentine’s Day brunch yesterday with families who have adopted from Kazakhstan. We went through various updates and it was funny how far “down” I had suppressed the memories of the wait – until I sat around that table listening to how difficult those times were. I guess life takes over and you forget how much you just wanted to be there and be back to start life as a family. Lauri wrote about how to survive the wait on the Kazakhstan Adoption Blog in February of last year: http://kazakhstan.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/how-to-survive-the-wait Fellow blogger Faith Allen (Hoping to Adopt Blog) has a complete series dedicated to just this topic: http://hoping.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/surviving-the-wait-top-ten-list Top Ten Ways to Survive the Wait 1. Learn how to “be” 2. Take care of your body 3. Volunteer 4. Participate in hobbies 5. Grieve… [more]

What a difference a year makes

February 18th, 2007
Categories: Reflections

What a difference a year makes - Lauri who blogged before me wrote this blog last February: http://kazakhstan.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/what-a-difference-a-year-makes Yesterday, as I sat in church looking at my son, I felt a pang of sadness. For whatever reason, I thought back to the days before we knew our son, and thought about what that must have been like for him. Just a little background: our son spent the first ten months of his life in an orphanage. We met our son at eight months, but could not take custody of him until he was nearly ten months old. At least the eighth and ninth months of his life were filled with daily doses of love via our visits to the orphanage. But lately I have been thinking a… [more]

Teaching Social Skills

February 17th, 2007
Categories: Reflections

Yesterday we needed to head out of our house for a few hours, while they were working in our house. I hesitated about taking Logan (age 3) to McDonald's play land - memories of our last visit danced through my head. ;-) Logan is the opposite of my other children with his very "direct" and matter of fact style when stating things. During our last visit a little girl told her grandparents "that little boy is being mean.". I tried to get Logan to apologize or we'd leave and by gosh - he chose to leave. He said he didn't want to play with her and she wants to and he just doesn't want to. I tried to explain the whole - it isn't "our"… [more]

Adoption “tail” of Cocoa and Lexi – Part II

February 9th, 2007

Adoption Certificate For part I of this story - go to: http://kazakhstan.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/adoption-tail-of-cocoa-and-lexi-part-i Now the part relating to adoption comes in. I guess as adoptive parents, our brain waves will become “wired” a little differently than non-adoptive parents. Part of me loves the boys being boys and embraces the “adoption” of their Webkins. The other part of me cringes at this “process”. We’ve just gone to the store, picked a stuffed animal out of a bin, clunked some money down and happily walked out of a store in about 7 minutes flat! Now they are excited to go home and “adopt” their Webkin – names are flying all around – I suggest Leo or Lexi for Max’s lion and Co-co or… [more]

Adoption “tail” of Cocoa and Lexi – Part I

February 9th, 2007

Adoption Certificate Sunday, my boys were “exposed” to the Webkinz “craze” through their cousins. Soon, I was asked daily if they could go and buy a Webkinz of their own. I promised my 7 year old that we would go one day after school. The temperatures dropped bitterly, so it took a few more days of being asked daily before we ventured out. My sister told me of a discount coupon for one of the stores on Webkinz web site – so of course I logged on. Little did I know that I’d be calling 5 local stores to be only told that they were waiting for a new shipment. Hmmm, could Webkinz have possibly become the… [more]

Happy Birthday Max

January 22nd, 2007

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Max Happy Birthday to you And MANY more!!!! Today our little guy turns 7 – it seems like in a blink of an eye and he is a little boy and not a baby anymore. It was around 6 years ago – that I ventured into my husband’s office and asked him to look at the children on Tedi Bear Adoptions’ waiting children photo listing. Out of the children – our hearts were both led to our son. It was a whirlwind of changing our paperwork and completing another dossier (we were paper ready for Ukraine). It is that magic moment that we were blessed beyond belief with Max he captured our hearts! Through the years – I’ve learned that most… [more]

Christmas Past, Christmas Present & Christmas Future

December 25th, 2006
Categories: Reflections

Uncle Logan and Cali I can't help but reflect at this time of year, I wonder if everyone does it - is it the season? The end of one year and the start of another? Or maybe it was the years I spent in the past hoping, praying and dreaming of becoming a mom? I'm happy to have found such peace and happiness in my home and my heart. It seems hard to believe that I was the woman who wiped tears away as I sat at church and prayed for just one child to parent and fill my world with love. It amazes me that I have been blessed beyond belief with not one but three children and now a… [more]

Potty Training Woes

December 4th, 2006

Potty Chair Logan turned 3 in April – as with Max – we didn’t “push” the potty training until he turned 3 – under the recommendation of our pediatrician – don’t try with boys until they are three. Max (who attended day care) trained in a week – I think the “peer pressure” was a huge help. We tried with Logan in April – but he really didn’t seem ready – so we took the when it happens, it happens approach and figured he wouldn’t be going to kindergarten not potty trained. Well last month we had his yearly exam and the pediatrician told us after age 3 – it is a behavioral issue and we truly should “try” for… [more]

Wedding Plans

November 29th, 2006

Gosh, where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday - I waited in the baby house director's office to meet the little girl whose face I fell in love with. Yesterday, I scurried around town from craft shop to paper shop - seeking out the perfect paper and ribbon to make her wedding invitations! I know my mom always said the older you get - the faster time goes -but my goodness - can I pause it just a bit? I know many of you don't know me -- but I'm not the best public speaker - so I've even written my "toast" in hopes to tweak and practice it in the months to come - so I can stand and say it without… [more]

Adoption Comments

November 21st, 2006
Categories: Reflections

I hope with it being Adoption Awarenes Month – I could help shed some light on some comments that I as an adoptive mom find insensitive. Through the years – I have had many insensitive remarks made to me during or after our adoptions. But the one that bugs me the most is: How much did “they” cost? The process to bring my children in to our lives is what cost. Home study, adoption agency, immigration paperwork, airfare, dossier and in country expenses – never once do I see us paying for our child – I see us paying for the process of adoption. Just as anyone pays to have their child brought in to their life. Most all make a monthly insurance premium payment and are… [more]